27-28 June 2018 | ExCel London

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What our delegates say about us, speaks volumes

Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London
“I am delighted that the conference will bring together health and social care professionals to share their expertise in improving public health and patient services, by highlighting good practice in London. 

I hope that the event is a fantastic success.”

Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP
"This is an amazing event. It’s vast and gives people access to so much information. It’s enormously valuable for people to be able step away from their day to day roles and come to a show like this to learn from others in the industry.

This conference, the largest of its kind, represents the change we need to see in our healthcare system. We need to think beyond the bricks and mortar of the separation of health and social care and look to collaboration at local level between all the players who are vital to our future success."

Rt Hon Andy Burnham
"People who have come to Health+Care are asking searching questions about the future and they are looking for answers because they see the pressures they are under in their communities – what is coming at them in terms of both the demographic challenges and the financial outlook.

It’s essential that people involved in commissioning come to a conference like this because otherwise they can end up just ploughing away in their furrows on their own. That can be quite dispiriting and can make people think that they are the only person in this boat and the only person facing this challenge. It is important to bring people together at a big conference like this and particularly people who are holding the budget and making the difficult decisions"

Stephen Dorrell
"What’s important about this conference is that it brings together the CCGs, the NHS and the social care world.  It gives people an opportunity to think about these problems outside the traditional silos.  Until we start doing that the rhetoric about integration will remain just that.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the move to integrate health and social care services. We’ve a long way to go but what is undoubtedly true is that it’s higher up the professional and managerial agenda than it used to be and that certainly is progress. 

‘There is clearly a buzz in the conference hall and a keen interest in the opportunities created by the new health and social care legislation.’"

Delegate reviews

Donna Pannell, Tariff case management and compliance manager, (Monitor NHS Improvement)
"The mental health care talk with Norman Lamb is one of the most informative talks I have seen, very heart warming and great to see the an expert user of the service in action. It was absolutely fantastic."

Carrieanne Durso, Deputy Practice Manager, West Hampstead Medical Centre
"I come every year as I find the talks very relevant; seminars on GP practices, the 5 year forward view and finding out new technologies that are out there.  Also finding out new companies I didn’t know previously. Overall the exhibition covers all ranges of health care and it is brilliant. It is my second time and I am definitely coming again!"

Sophie Hargreaves, Supported Housing and Contracts Manager, Moat
"We work with vulnerable people so changes to care packages affect us and we are looking at a greater understanding on mental health, how we can keep residents safe and what we need to do to help them live. We can find that here as the content is very broad and you have the whole spectrum on health and care."

Elizabeth Harding, Registered Manager, Wispington House
"We are care home managers and we wanted to find out what is going on out there as we live in a small village community it’s hard to interact with the rest of the care sector usually."

Jenny Ryan, Manager, Saint Bonaventures
"We came to see the new technologies and what is out there in care but are mainly interested in anything to do with CQC in order to keep up with their constant updates. We found the tracking pendants really interesting and something we would like to use. It is much bigger this year and everything has been a nice experience."

Jaswinder Kaur, Manging Director Right at home west midlands South
"The quality of exhibitors here is far higher than other conferences I have been to."

Michelle Stapleton, Director of Integrated Care; Basildon Hospital
"What differs Health+Care to other conferences is the set up, I love the lay out and the ability to attend open mini sessions and meet other companies, it doesn’t feel like a conference because of the interactiveness , I would absolutely recommend."

Keith Lowe, Head of Quality Support, Home Instead
"I would most definitely recommend the conference, it’s great for networking, seeing ex colleagues and making new friends."

Eric Golabek, care home manager with Centenary Care Homes
"The sessions are talking about what’s happening right now, the content was relevant. And the speakers really know what they are talking about. The sessions were really easy to understand and were helpful for taking action in the future for our business."

Thomas Kelly, Proprietor, Margaret House
"I have met more people and found so many ideas from spending just two days at Health+Care. By donating a couple of days of the year to attend, we have changed the future of our business. "

Dr Anshumen Bhagat, GP
"This event quietly helps us change the way we deliver healthcare" 

Dr Mike Bailey, GP Board Member and Clinical Lead for Immediate Care NHS Mid Essex CCG
“The talks have been particularly useful. The immediate care presentations were exceptionally well presented and gave some really useful information about the problems of our health economy.”

Stephen Tulip, membership and networks officer, NHS Clinical Commissioners
"This is a good opportunity to meet people/non-members who we would otherwise find it hard to engage with"

William Tong, chair, NHS Bracknell & Ascot CCG
‘Great show- there is so much going on. It allows you to look out from the from daily work. Good speakers!

Bridget Warr, CEO UK Care Home Association
"Health+Care is a really exciting, vibrant conference and I am delighted that this year there has been  a whole home care work stream because so often with big conferences they focus on care homes then only add in home care at the end.  We know that home care is a field that has to grow.  We have to tackle some really challenging issues around resourcing and how we can make sure that we have a consistent and valued workforce to deliver high quality care.  So there has been a lot to discuss at this conference.

The sessions have all been impressively well attended.  The presentations have been on several different levels which means there has been practical advice for somebody who might be thinking about starting up in home care for the first time but also there have been strategic ideas for people who have come from large national chains of care homes.  

What this event demonstrates is that home care is a massive area that the Government should be giving top priority to – we have got to have  more high quality sustainable provision going forward.   

‘This conference is by far the biggest for the social and home care sector and is free if you register online, which is excellent.  So many people have managed to find one, if not two days, out of the office because they are giving the conference high priority. I think that’s very impressive."

Head of Services, Perpetual Care, Manchester
"I am here to network and to see what all the services are doing and to find out what we could maybe be doing better. I'm very impressed with the talks I have been to so far and the way you can mix and match across a wide variety of topics,"

Development Consultant, Carers UK
"This show provides a broad perspective on the health and social care landscape.  For me it is an opportunity to find out more about the Better Care Fund and integrated health and to meet some commissioners.  The quality of the speakers is excellent," 

Senior officer at Hertfordshire County Council
“We are working very closely with our public health colleagues on health and wellbeing both for our employees and our community and it has been particularly useful to hear practical examples from people who are ahead of us in some areas.  I chose to come to this event because it is a massive conference and when I looked at the programme I saw that there was a lot going on here and that there would be lots of networking opportunities.”

Oakcroft Nursing Home, Catford
“My manager has attended this conference every year and advised me to come. I have learned a lot from the talks and the exhibition has been very interesting – I have found out about a lot of products that I didn’t even know existed which will be useful for the residents and will also make our work easier.”

Social Care Lead, Leeds Council
“I have spoken to a lot of suppliers engaged with some organisations we work with and made a lot of new contacts.  It has been interesting to see what other people are doing and to get ideas.”

Managing Director of Tender Loving Carers Domiciliary Ltd
“This conference is a whole lot bigger than I expected and there is a lot of information on the stands.  I have been particularly impressed by the Home Care presentations which have confirmed for me what is happening in the home care market.”

Chief Executive of Learning and Innovation, Jonkoping County Council, Sweden
“This conference is very impressive. The purpose is to show how strong we can be if we work innovatively. Technical developments give us completely new opportunities in health and care and if we collaborate in the right way then then social care can reduce the need for healthcare.  There is a lot for people to learn here, it’s fantastic.”

 Deputy service manager St John of God Hospitalier, Enfield
 “This conference compared to others is particularly useful for enabling me to find out what the contemporary issues are.  I will take everything that I have learned back to share them with my team so that we can improve the service we provide.   There are lots of things on the agenda like dementia, the CQC and all the changes with the Care Bill that are things I need to know about.  Every talk I have been to has been relevant for my work.”

Ann Workman, Assistant Director for Adult Social Care, Darlington Borough Council
"With the legislation that is introducing the biggest changes in social care for 60 years and the financial pressures that we are all currently facing, this conference is extremely important for social care because it gives you the opportunity to speak to people of a like mind. The presentations are very informative and inspire and invigorate you to go back feeling positive.”                                          

Rikha Shah, Link Officer Domiciliary Care, Harrow Council
“This event is important for social care because it broadens your outlook and makes you realise what other boroughs are doing and doing differently from you. This is the only conference we go to.”

Martin Garvett, Director of Housing and Care Enham Trust
“The speakers are excellent and the talks have been inspiring. This event is both an opportunity to get ideas and hear what other people are doing and also gives us some reassurance that we are doing things well.  We will be cascading what we have learned to our colleagues when we go back.”            

Malcolm Ajayi, Care Home Manager, Sense                      
“The attraction of this event for me is the opportunity to find out about any innovations in my sector and to network and benchmark services.”                     

East Sussex County Council
"A brilliant conference. Time well worth spent."

Halcyon Homecare
"Very impressed with the organisation and content. Some excellent presentations in the Home Care section."

Rekha Elaswarapu, International Longevity Centre UK
"A very well organised event with lots of variety. I wear a number of hats in my role and the Commissioning Show has helped me in all my roles by demonstrating how patient care can be improved. There are so many teams trying to reinvent the wheel, but by coming to Commissioning you can find out exactly what has worked and it reaffirms what you already know. It’s been great to network with so many suppliers; I’ve found the joined-up healthcare stands most interesting."


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