27-28 June 2018 | ExCel London

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Picker Institute Europe

"A great place to talk to commissioners, find out about new initiatives, network with colleagues and make new contacts."

Unique Improvements
"It has been very interesting and stimulating. We’ve had a lot of helpful discussions with a broad range of delegates. Dr Becky Rous, Cambridge Cognition.
It’s been very busy, We’ve had over 200 conversations. As shows go, Commissioning has been spot on, the right delegates and a perfect stand. It has been more successful than other events."

Healogics Wound Healing Centre
"This has been the perfect platform to launch our company in the UK. We’ve had key conversations with CCGs and CSUs."

Spectra Corporatewear
"Impressed and encouraged, I would certainly recommend to other first-time exhibitors looking to reach the care market".

Working Feedback
"We wanted to raise our profile in this market and the Health+Care event certainly helped us to achieve. Excellent access to an inquisitive audience; plenty to follow up on."

"We had more leads by 11am on the first day than we got from two days at Bournemouth Care Show."

"Boy, did it deliver. Great footfall, a flow of high quality delegates and strong interest. On top of that it was professionally and efficiently organised. By day two we had booked for 2015. This is the gorilla event for UK social care, no doubt about it."
Neil Eastwood, Sticky People

Merck Sharp & Dohme  
"Our networking session provided a great opportunity to make 5 new NHS friends in high places which was our main objective.
We really are delighted with the returns on our investments across the board in many different ways and look forward to working with you in a very similar guise next year."

"I was very happy with the quality of leads that we generated from the show, and within 2 working days we already had an order which covered the costs; and many more large opportunities which should give us an excellent return."

Care Blox
"This is by far the best exhibition we exhibit at, the quality and quantity of delegates has been incredible. It's a really great event and we'll be coming back."

NHS Benchmarking Network
"Fantastic show with a higher presence of CCGs than other events we’ve exhibited at. We’re taking a minimum of 30 strong leads, it has been invaluable."

Spectra Corporatewear
"I would certainly recommend to other first time exhibitors looking to reach the care market."

Williams Medical
"The footfall has been very good, we’ve already acquired 15 strong leads. It’s been beneficial to get in front of a wider audience."

Broomwell Healthcare
"It’s been very productive and fruitful. We made 10 very good leads on the first day alone."

AJ Social Care
"I have spoken to a lot of suppliers engaged with some organisations we work with and made a lot of new contacts. It has been interesting to see what other people are doing and to get ideas."

UK Care Home Association
"This is an amazing event. It’s vast and gives people access to so much information. It’s enormously valuable for people to be able step away from their day to day roles and come to a show like this to learn from others in the industry."

"There has been a lot of openness between commissioners and providers at Health+Care which has been very refreshing.  There has been a good mix of people here and this has resulted in a lot of challenging thinking."  

‘It is always good to see providers and commissioners in the same place and this year the linking of health and social care in the work streams has led to a lot of discussion about how we can build bridges between the two sectors.  It has been good to see and listen to that interaction.’ 

I-Spy Digital
"A great show for us. It’s been really busy and our product launch has gone very well. People have come to the show in large numbers and it’s given us the opportunity to meet the right people from the right organisation."

Care Messenger
"This is the top conference for members of the Telecare Services Association. It’s bigger than many of the other shows we have been to and we like the combination of health and social care."            

"It’s been useful to learn about the changes happening in the NHS. I need to meet people from across primary care and this is the perfect place to do so."

First Software Solutions
"We’ll definitely be here again next year. We’ve had some very good quality leads. The networking has been great, we’ve had a chance to meet the cross sectors that we don’t normally meet, which has been opened up a whole new market for us."

"The event did what it said on the tin. It brought together almost all of the key players in commissioning together in one place. The sessions were on up-to-date relevant topics and I thought it was a great learning and networking opportunity."

Community Catalysts C.I.C.
"Very well organised, Community Catalysts would indeed like to be involved in next year’s event."

Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP
"This is an amazing event. It’s vast and gives people access to so much information. It’s enormously valuable for people to be able step away from their day to day roles and come to a show like this to learn from others in the industry.

This type of conference, the largest of its kind, represents the change we need to see in our healthcare system. We need to think beyond the bricks and mortar of the separation of health and social care and look to collaboration at local level between all the players who are vital to our future success.

This conference, the largest of its kind, represents the change we need to see in our healthcare
system. We need to think beyond the bricks and mortar of the separation of health and social care and look to collaboration at local level between all the players who are vital to our future success."

Rt Hon Andy Burnham
"People who have come to Health+Care are asking searching questions about the future and they are looking for answers because they see the pressures they are under in their communities – what is coming at them in terms of both the demographic challenges and the financial outlook.

It’s essential that people involved in commissioning come to a conference like this because otherwise they can end up just ploughing away in their furrows on their own. That can be quite dispiriting and can make people think that they are the only person in this boat and the only person facing this challenge. It is important to bring people together at a big conference like this and particularly people who are holding the budget and making the difficult decisions"

Stephen Dorrell
‘What’s important about this conference is that it brings together the CCGs, the NHS and the social care world.  It gives people an opportunity to think about these problems outside the traditional silos.  Until we start doing that the rhetoric about integration will remain just that.

‘I’m cautiously optimistic about the move to integrate health and social care services. We’ve a long way to go but what is undoubtedly true is that it’s higher up the professional and managerial agenda than it used to be and that certainly is progress. 

‘There is clearly a buzz in the conference hall and a keen interest in the opportunities created by the new health and social care legislation.’  

Irene Mutinda, Director, J24 Resourcing
"This was our first time and it was great- we have got to meet many people we wouldn’t normally meet in our usual settings. It was good to see the clients face-to-face who we try to source out every day and it’s usually impossible to get them. There are great opportunities here as we have had lots of visitors from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We have learned a lot from each other and this is something I would recommend to companies within our industry. We will definitely be coming back again."

Jon Baily, Novus Environmental
"We have had a good position being opposite to one of the care theatres and have had a large footfall coming across to the stand including senior decision makers. It has been really worthwhile as I have spoken with many people who would like follow up meetings already, and this was on day one!"

Daphne Slater, Healthcare Project Manager, Independent
"Health + Care is an excellent event for getting updates on the industry, and this launch of the Digital Healthcare event is really important and an exciting development. There are many clinical people who are concerned with improving outcomes but they have no time to go out and search for digital solutions. Here, you are able to bring this opportunity to us.
I’m glad that the technology section is becoming its own next year, as all the sessions today were packed. Digital health is the way forward, particularly for integrated care which was traditionally paper-based – now everything must be digitalised."

Lana Gruitt, Team Leader- Health and Social Care Division, Skyex Resourcing
"This has been much better than I thought, as a recruitment agency I wasn’t expecting to get as much turn out as we have got. We have had a lot of client interest which I wasn’t expecting when I first walked in. We have had lots of CV’s from those looking for work but we have had more clients looking for sourcing- visitors needing nurses, wanting to know more about our services. We have had so many directors visit us- and it’s impossible to reach them. It has been brilliant, we will be back next year we have already booked."

Katy Hirst, Bright Shadow
"We want to meet new customers and decision makers in the care sector. We have had lots of people visit- we were cleaned out of our resources on day 1 at 1pm as we have been so busy!! Everyone has been extremely friendly and the delegates have been very interested in us."

Louisa Soffe, Healthcare development manager
"We are looking to target GP’s and commissioners as we work with CCG’s and federations. There is a good networking opportunity here with a great mix of people, a much better audience than other events. This could be due to the sheer size and diversity of the show."

Kuldip Sembhi, area healthcare lead, MSD
"This is our third or fourth year, and this year we have two stands, one specifically for women’s health. Coming to Health + Care gives us a showcase for our different skills and capabilities and not just our drugs. This immerses us in the commissioning landscape which is very complex with more important influencers than ever before. This is a way to engage with a broader range of stakeholders than we would get at a clinical or pharmacy conference. In this broader commissioning environment Health + Care gives us access to key people."

Dianna Hill, Corporate customer service manager, Highfield awarding body
"We are looking to target care providers and training providers, councils and NHS trusts and we have seen all of these here. We came here for brand awareness and have had a lot of interest, good conversations and a good footfall. Health + Care gives you a different target market a great venue, location and atmosphere. Definitely a potential to come back next year."

Gussie Smythe, Inflatable body organ, Admin
"We are showcasing our product and it’s a brilliant event to do it here. There is such a large diverse audience with nurses, medics and GP’s. We have been very busy with 500 visits on the first day alone!"

Stewart Wright, Account Manager, Telehealth Solutions
"This is one of the biggest events of its kind in the UK. It attracts a lot of potential customers for us, and many of our competitors are here so it’s very important that we have a presence.
Health+Care is a perfect show to target NHS professionals and CCGs. Other shows are quite niche and have a limited offering of suppliers so there’s not a huge amount of choice for delegates. 
Here it’s nice to have such a wide range of vendors which attracts the greater footfall. I really like the variety and number of people here. The breakout speaking slots next to the stands are also great as it pushes more delegates past the stands.
Aesthetically Health+Care is really good too – It’s professionally laid-out and it’s easy to find everything. We’d certainly be keen to come back next year, particularly with the new digital angle."

Andrew Thomas, Head of Marketing, EMIS
"We’ve seen plenty of footfall already this morning. We always do and that’s why we have kept coming back for the last four years. We tend to generate at least 100 good quality leads over the two days every year. Based on evaluation of previous years, we couldn’t miss this event! This is our key target audience, and Health+Care always draws a big crowd whether they’re from GP practices, CCGs, or community and health commissioning organisations."

Hannah Montgomery, Marketing Controller, everyLIFE
"We’ve had great traffic on the stand, literally rushed off our feet. Our champagne reception drew a great crowd and our speaking sessions have been oversubscribed. We’ve been particularly pleased with our stand positioning too. Health+Care is the industry-leading event for integrated health, so it’s important to be seen here. We get to see lots of professionals across both the residential and domiciliary sectors, and what’s great is that these are people coming out of their own free-will."

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