27-28 June 2018 | ExCel London

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Invest Northern Ireland is bringing a select group of leading edge healthcare companies to exhibit at Health+Care 2017. Northern Ireland has a long history in pioneering health and life science products and services and is taking this opportunity to bring to this event a select number of companies who are keen to further promote their innovations to the GB market and forge new partnerships.

The region has a strong tradition of technological innovation in Life & Health Sciences and today researchers are at the forefront of convergent technologies, merging electronics, telecommunications and the internet with medical devices & services for personal healthcare.

Northern Ireland is a prime location for the Life and Health Sciences sector.  Our world-class companies and universities have proven experience of delivering innovative research, products and services to global customers.  Areas of specialism include Precision Medicine, Diagnostics, Connected Health, Clinical Trials and Data Analytics.

Invest Northern Ireland is the main economic development agency for the region, it promotes inward investment and trade with Northern Ireland from an extensive network of worldwide offices.

Invest NI has 7 companies coming to the event in 2017 that will be exhibiting on the Northern Ireland group stand. Please come and visit to meet with our companies or get in touch if you have any questions.

Featured Companies

etain kraydel
lava locate
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As established leaders in digital transformation, Etain understand the importance of utilising leading-edge technology for not only streamlining day to day operations, saving time and money, but also for meeting the security and compliance requirements of the public and health sectors. With a big shake-up to the Data Protection Act (GDPR 2018) impending, our expert Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Office 365 teams work to ensure organisations are fully ‘Access Aware’ and system compliant with the new data legislations.

Our custom designed, business intelligent solutions address the evolving landscape of ‘connected’ healthcare by championing ease of information discovery, secure migration and actionable insight into data.

Whether it’s cloud-based resource scheduling, asset management, or record management we’ll take our clients through a process of consultation and discovery, designed to help identify the ideal solution, whatever the organisation.

An effective CRM solution for example, could enable management teams to monitor the delivery of care and patient outcomes. As well as allowing you to replicate best practices, our solutions could help inform the delivery of improved ‘patient experiences’, all while maintaining transparency and accountability.


Kraydel is new company focused on the challenge of enabling our elders to age “in-place” in their own homes: it’s where they want to be, and society can’t afford the growing cost of caring for them in homes and hospitals.

Emerging “Internet of Things” technologies, allied with cloud computing and ubiquitous connectivity, make it possible to provide intelligent, always learning, monitoring of elderly people at home and raise alerts when short or progressive behavioural changes are detected.  Our technology will monitor activity in the home, light, movement, temperature, recognise sounds, the use of electrical devices, the presence of visitors (via their phones) to create a complete picture of normal life.

Our friendly UI, delivered in super simple-to-use form via the TV set can provide reminders for medication and housekeeping tasks, enable one-button-click video calls, picture and simple text messaging.

A wristband, available later this year, provides heartrate and skin temperature monitoring, detects fails and seizures and location tracking so that alerts can be generated to potential health issues or wandering, and help can be sent to the exact location of the elder.

Kraydel’s product and services are intended for professional care-providers, housing associations, and retirement home providers, as well as individuals wanting to enable their elderly parents to live safely in their own homes.

The Lava Group

Background - Lava is a technology company that specialise in software development, electronic design and biometric integration for the criminal justice, health and IoT markets.  We provide solutions that increase the security, efficiency, control and accountability within our customers’ environments.

Innovation – is central to the company’s development and values.  We specialise in creating innovative technology delivered with exceptional customer service. Our solution provides non-intrusive monitoring with a focus on improving quality of peoples’ lives.  It is a non-wearable device which involves the use of an algorithm to monitor a person within a room, using machine-learning to track behavioural patterns.

Behavioural Analysis – The solution utilises sensor-based technology to identify, manage and predict agitation in patients with dementia or autism and monitors Alzheimer’s wandering, sedentary behaviour and fall detection.

Monitoring patient movements, whilst recording any changes in the local environment allows alerts to be raised for possible agitation, whilst also analysing the associated data to identify triggers of the agitation. 

Key Benefits

  • Promotes independent living in the home.
  • Drives efficiency and improves patient outcomes.
  • Reduces operational costs of caring for patients with dementia or autism through a reduction in the frequency, severity and duration of agitated episodes.
  • Improves patient & carer safety.

Locate a Locum

Locate a Locum is an online platform connecting pharmacists to pharmacies, we currently service 8000 UK pharmacies adding 1200 shifts per week for the benefit of 2300 registered pharmacists.

Registered pharmacists can receive daily notifications directly to their phone in relation to available shifts in their desired locations. Pharmacists can apply for shifts in less than 30 seconds and can build their professional profile, making them more attractive to prospective employers.

Hiring managers and locum coordinators can spend up to 10 hours per week sourcing locum cover. With Locate a Locum, they post a shift, an available locum applies and a booking can be made in less than one minute!

Trusted by Boots, Lloyds, Well & Rowlands.

Say goodbye to recruitment agencies!


PillPacPlus as a pharmacy automation company has been working with pharmacies in the UK and Ireland to introduce automation to hospital and community pharmacies to improve quality assurance and accuracy and to bring us up to date with our colleagues across the world.

PillPacPlus supplies robots to pack medicines in easy to open, chronologically ordered sachets to support patients, families and carers.

PillPacPlus supplies vision systems to record images of every medicine sachet produced to give complete traceability and provide safety.

PillPacPlus also work with carers, families and patients to prompt and record the administration of medication in patients homes through the use of assistive technologies.

Our aim is to raise the quality standards in pharmacies and support domiciliary care and to safely keep patients at home for as long as possible.


Helping children to manage their emotions and develop their own strategies to deal with stress and stressful situations is vital. The development of such skills has the potential to improve outcomes for a number of groups of children and young people for whom self-regulation is a problem including those with Autism, ADHD, Impulsive behavior patterns. Managing stress and anxiety is also a key strategy for those children with life changing health diagnoses.

TakeTen now offers a new and novel way to help develop these strategies.

Using an ear lobe sensor the TakeTen app measures heart rate. The resulting information is processed and interpreted into meaningful images on screen. The child can see how their body reacts to stressful thoughts and emotions in real time. The TakeTen app allows the child to “see their feelings”.  Games and exercises on the app respond to the child’s physiology and will only progress whenever the child is calm and focused. The child learns to employ specific techniques to create a sense of calm.

This app is an ideal resource for Paediatricians, psychologists, play specialists or nursing staff to use with children in the preparation for radiological or surgical procedures. A specialised version of the app is also available for Paediatric oncology. This version also incorporates animations to help prepare the child for treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and MRI scans.


The TriMedika team has over 20 years’ experience in the development, manufacture and distribution of medical products into international health markets.  We focus on developing solutions for Connected Health, providing devices that will integrate seamlessly with hospital EMR systems to contribute to the global goal of the ‘paperless’ hospital, enabling greater efficiencies, cost savings, better outcomes and safer healthcare.

Our products combine leading edge UK design with EU build for robust quality devices with intuitive easy to use features. Our designs are informed by the detailed feedback we seek from the end-users: healthcare professionals, biomedical engineers, infection control managers and procurement teams. TriMedika products are ISO accredited and address the needs of each stakeholder in the hospital environment to benefit the patient- the most important stakeholder.

We offer technical support packages for installation, maintenance and comprehensive user training.

The TriMedika TRITEMP™ is our new non contact IR thermometer for fast, accurate body temperature reading. The ergonomically angled head ensures optimum orientation for sensor alignment; the user led interface is intuitive - quick and easy to use. ZERO consumables offer up to x5 cost savings. ZERO contact optimises infection control, is non invasive so never touches the patient.


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