The Digital Healthcare Show Theatres

We have grouped sessions into 4 conference theatres, to help you to plan your time at our event, picking out discussions, case studies and practical workshops that best match your interests and priorities.

  1. Digital Future Theatre
  2. Data and Analytics Theatre
  3. Digital Transformation Theatre 
  4. Technology Enabled Care Theatre

Scroll down to learn about each one...

1. Digital Future Theatre

What is the vision for digital within the NHS Long Term Plan and how will a convergence with the life sciences agenda push innovation in diverse areas such as genomics, AI and cloud / mobile services.

Advances in these areas will enable a better patient experience as care for service users is tailored and personalised to better meet their needs, particularly in an area such as genomics. The great potential of AI will be unleashed to support evidence based decision making at a local population level.

All of this is here now – so how can we arrive at the future that little bit faster and learn from all our experiences over the past year with Covid-19.

2. Data and Analytics Theatre

Data and analytics are already at the forefront of the integration agenda with population health management tools helping identify unwarranted variation and predicting health outcomes across all care settings. How can we harness and analyse these huge data sets and what relevant information can we utilise to inform our local decision making at ICS and trust level?

Sessions will also look at information governance and data protection to ensure you’re compliant with all guidance and taking all the necessary steps.

3. Digital Transformation Theatre 

Having a strong, resilient infrastructure that is fit for purpose will be key in the coming years to supporting all healthcare organisations in moving to more integrated ways of working.

Interoperability is still at the heart of these issues with information sharing and system alignment necessary to reduce duplication and error, streamline processes and improve patient experience across all the touchpoints of NHS care.

In tandem, developing an agile, stable and well protected cybersecurity infrastructure will help that move towards a fully digitised and integrated healthcare system. How can we best prepare as individuals, organisations and systems to defend against future threats?

4. Technology Enabled Care Theatre

The Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated that offering the right digital services and solutions can have a huge take-up from patients and staff if properly implemented and presented as a simple, effective solution to everyday challenges.

Advancing this agenda will be at the heart of sessions assessing the digital tools, apps, software and wearables that can transform patient experience and offer more personalised care to our communities which will improve their long-term health outcomes.

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Dates and venue

26-27 APRIL 2023 + ExCeL LONDON