18 Mar 2021

Why paying for ads is pointless if your website is not fit for purpose

Why paying for ads is pointless if your website is not fit for purpose

We know your marketing budget is precious, and that you are likely investing plenty of time and money on getting people to land on your website.

However, this means nothing without having things in place to convert them into an enquiry once they are there.

Having a website that turns visitors into prospects should be both a priority and an essential component of any inbound marketing strategy.

Here are 3 ways to make sure your website is fit for purpose and your search ad money isn’t wasted:

1. Focus less on aesthetics and more on functionality
A lot of people become too concerned with the aesthetics of a good looking website and neglect functionality. Whilst it is important that your website is branded and aesthetically pleasing, it is even more important that it does what it’s supposed to!

It should be clear, concise and easy to navigate, as well as both desktop and mobile friendly. It should also have a load time of less than 5 seconds, as website conversion rates drop by 4.42% with each additional second of load time, so speed is everything.

2. Provide as much value as possible on your homepage/landing page
There are things users are expecting to see when they land on your site, make sure these are clearly displayed. For example, if you are a Care Home provider things a visitor may be looking for are location, your CQC rating, what your USP is and things that build trust. These can be testimonials and reviews, accreditations you have acquired over the years etc.

3. Have clear Calls to Action & Lead Triggers
It is vital to have clear calls to action, for instance “Download our brochure” or “Call us to arrange a virtual tour”. On our homepage we have “Book a Discovery Call” and “Download our free resources for care businesses”. These clearly signpost to the user what they should do next and inspire them to take specific actions.

Additional lead triggers can include having a Live chat widget available that a visitor can interact with. Click here to see why we think Live Chat makes a big difference to Home Care and Care Home providers.

Remember: It will never be enough to just pay for Google ads.

These things will help make sure that whenever a visitor lands on your site they know everything they need to know about you and your business and it’s clear to them what actions they should be taking.

Having a website that is functional, informative and has clear calls to action will ensure higher conversion rates and help you determine if a visitor is a good fit for the service you are providing.

If you would like more information on how to utilise Digital Marketing within your care business, call or email our team today!

If you need landing page design advice then check out this article!

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