26 Jan 2021

Health Plus Care Online - Partnerships in Action!

Health Plus Care Online - Partnerships in Action!

Collaborating with the AHSN Network, Patient Safety Learning, NHSX, NHSE&I, CQC, IHM, TSA, BCS, CHIME, PPP, COVID-19 Taskforce and The Care Workers Charity –  and many others, we have shaped and refined the content of this event and these partners and their leaders and members will be highly evident in our fabulous programme, delivering case studies, speaker sessions and chairing panel debates.

NHSX and NHSE&I feature across the programme, highlights being the opening keynotes from:

- Prof Stephen Powis, National Medical Director, NHSE&I on 24th February

- Matthew Gould, CEO, NHSX on 25th February

Content from the AHSN Network

The AHSN Network are represented right across the whole event, delivering a range of sessions in all the event streams, from Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer, Yorkshire & Humber AHSN session; ‘Reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic to inform the health and care system of the future’, to a session on ‘Rapid research and evaluation of health and care services: Lessons from COVID-19’ with a panel chaired by Mike Roberts, Managing Director, UCLPartners AHSN, featuring panellists from NHS and research organisations who were key stakeholders in the White Paper due to launch just before our online event. Other AHSN sessions include an insightful piece into the Innovation Collaborative in collaboration with NHSX, a report on the rollout of Covid Oximetry@ Home and its potential to support patients in the home, and a panel on the Potential of AI in health and care chaired by Guy Boersma, MD of the Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN.

Patient Safety in the Health and Care Sector

Patient Safety Learning have curated four excellent sessions including ‘Patient and staff safety; two sides of the same coin’ a live session with participation from chair Helen Hughes, PSL Chief Executive, Timothy R Clark, US expert on psychological safety and author of  The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety and Claire Cox, Patient Safety Learning. Other sessions include ‘Action for sustainable impact and avoidable harm’ an insightful conversation with Donna Prosser, CCIO Patient Safety Movement USA, and a deep dive into Current patient safety issues with lively input from the RCGP and AHSN.

Other highlights include:

Jane Dwelly, Vice President International, CHIME is in conversation with Natasha Phillips, NHSX on The role of the CNIO, PPP are sharing highlight from the launch of their Digitisation State of the Nation report with speakers including Baroness Nicola Blackwood and Dr Harpreet Sood, the IHM are presenting sessions on Staff Safety and Wellbeing, and Integrated Care, and the PRSB bring together a carer, Sam Bergin-Goncalves and Professor Adam Gordon, President Elect at the British Geriatrics Society in: Connecting social care and health: how new standards are supporting personalised care and wellbeing.

These sessions and many more make this a must attend event for health and care professionals across the sector. We hope you are able to join us for what promises to be a lively and thought provoking couple of days…. And remember, Health Plus Care Online is FREE TO ATTEND for Health and Care professionals.

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Dates and venue

26-27 APRIL 2023 + ExCeL LONDON