CardMedic - Improving Communication Through the PPE Barrier and Beyond

25 Feb 2021
Patient Safety & IPC

Disaster Innovation: The Story Behind CardMedic 

From concept to launch in 72 hours, CardMedic has had over 45,000 users in 120 countries and 16,000 app downloads since April 1st. Designed in rapid response to the acute crisis in communication across the PPE barrier in the pandemic, CardMedic is a multi award-winning unique digital communication tool that improves the transfer of vital information between frontline healthcare staff and patients, across any barrier. Aiming to reduce health inequalities, and improve patient safety, experience and quality of care, CardMedic has rapidly grown in the last few months and is on the brink of its first commercial release.

Rachael Grimaldi, Founder & CEO - CARDMEDIC