Digital care planning - why it became so important and why it is becoming an essential part of providing care

24 Feb 2021
Residential & Home Care

The health and social care sector is on the cusp of necessary digital transformation. 2020 saw our world change forever, as we all had to adapt to a new way of living as we collectively began our fight against a global pandemic. The care sector was hit particularly hard, and now more than ever it is clear that the shift to a digital way of working is being recognised as the future for all care providers. So how can digital care planning revolutionise the way we care, and is it really necessary?

Nuno Almeida, CEO of Nourish Care, will be discussing digital transformation within the care sector and why it is so relevant today. On the panel, Nuno will be joined by Luke Stockley, Operations Manager from Encompass Healthcare, Michael Butcher, Finance Director from Blackadder Care, and Graham Brittain, MBA, a consultant in the social care sector.


This talk will cover:

     The impact digital care platforms can have on care services and care teams

     How can care practices evolve as a result of digital transformation

     The main opportunities and challenges that can arise as the result of this digital transformation journey within the care sector.

Each member of the panel will provide some insight on their thoughts and findings on digital care planning, including what they predict the future of care to look like as we begin to see further digital transformations within care organisations.

Nuno Almeida, CEO - Nourish Care
Luke Stockley, Divisional Operations Manager - Encompass Dorset
Graham Brittain, MD/Consultant - GLB Consultancy Ltd
Michael Butcher, Finance Director - Blackadder Corporation Limited