Unlocking productivity: the key to a better future for care

24 Feb 2021
Residential & Home Care

It's been a challenging 12 months and the care industry is at a crossroad. The sector has undergone huge changes, in tech adoption, regulatory guidance and policy. In this talk, we'll draw on research from our recent study of the UK home care industry and take a reflective look at how technology is enabling providers to prepare for the road ahead. From fighting the inefficiencies of today to building the foundations for the next generation of care, we'll equip you with practical guidance to tackle 2021 and beyond.

We'll take you through our findings, success stories and steps to becoming a more productive homecare agency. In this presentation you'll learn:

  • The current state of the care industry
  • How to make the biggest savings in efficiency and cost
  • Real success stories from agencies who are shaping the future of care
  • The roadmap for your productivity
Max Parmentier, Co-Founder & CEO - Birdie Care