Cache: Who, What & Why

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Cache: Who, What & Why
The Cache Collection


Tristel is an infection prevention business. Our Group has been around for over 25 years and is recognised globally for its chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) chemistry.

ClO₂ is a remarkable molecule. It is a powerful sporicidal disinfectant.


Cache is Tristel’s brand for hospital surface disinfection. Cache is a collection of products and systems that will enable you to achieve the highest standard of infection prevention in your hospital.


In developing ClO₂ as our technology, and over many years learning how best to handle it, we have enabled hospitals to use a disinfectant that is outstanding in its safety and effectiveness. We have also found a way in which the most effective disinfectant that a hospital can choose can eliminate the use of pre-wetted plastic wipes.

Pre-wetted, pre-saturated, or pre-packed wipes are made of single-use plastic. The reason is that when they are manufactured the detergent or disinfectant liquid is added to the pack or tub at the same time as the wipe sheets are inserted. Liquid and wipes then have to co-habit for as long as it takes for the pack to be opened and the wipes used. This could be months. If the wipes were made of a sustainable, replenishable material like paper, you would be handling a pack of soggy pulp.

We realised that if we separated the cleaning or disinfectant liquid from the wipe, we would allow you to use an eco-friendly dry wipe to apply and disperse the liquid on a surface.


The Cache collection includes FUSE for the sporicidal disinfection of floors and JET for high-touch surfaces near to the patient. JET PRO gives you the option of applying ClO₂ foam with long-lasting bactericidal action. TANK can dispense a Detergent, Quat Disinfectant or ClO₂ Sporicidal Disinfectant around the hospital as liquid, foam or spray.


TANK is a storage and distribution system fuelled by either Detergent or ClO₂ Sporicidal Disinfectant capsules. We provide the chemistry, you supply the water. One TANK capsule makes 10 litres of working solution, which can be applied with a Doser, Foamer or Sprayer. Reduce plastic waste by pairing TANK working solution with any dry wipe.

Each of the TANK chemistries is delivered in small concentrate capsules, which you burst into a large container or smaller bottle dependent upon the volume of solution you need.
You fill the container or bottle with tap water. We provide you with a choice of applicator, which can be a Doser, a Foamer or a Sprayer. You dispense your chosen chemistry via your choice of applicator onto your preferred dry wipe.

We do not supply the wipe. You make that choice, and it is a very important choice, because you can take the opportunity to eliminate the use of plastic wipes. You keep the TANK, our bottles, and our applicators for life! The only disposable item is the capsule, and it is as small as we can make it, containing as little plastic as possible.


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