09 May 2022

CardioSecur presents the easiest to use 12+ lead mobile ECG

CardioSecur Stand: H68
CardioSecur presents the easiest to use 12+ lead mobile ECG
The German MedTech company will showcase its unprecedented 12+ lead ECG with only 4 electrodes at the Digital Healthcare Show, booth H68, in London, 18 – 19 May 20202.

London, May 2022. The CardioSecur Pro technology with only 4 electrodes is only 50g light and clinically proven to be the easiest to use 12+ lead ECG system in the world. By means of its few electrodes which are placed in very marked spots of the body, CardioSecur ensures high electrode position reproducibility, mitigation of lead-misplacement and a timesaving ECG recording process. In conjunction with its intuitive app guidance CardioSecur Pro is also the only 12+ lead ECG system requiring practically no training.

The mobile ECG by CardioSecur supports advanced health data analysis networks through App-powered iOS devices. CardioSecur embodies the next step in the evolution of ECG technology. The Frankfurt-based MedTech company will attend the Digital Healthcare Show in London to present its technology to a wide circle of medical professionals. CardioSecur presents at booth H68.

The Digital Healthcare Show is part of Health Plus Care and is the most significant and innovative UK event for healthcare professionals looking to revolutionise the NHS through the use of data, analytics and technology. The event boasts more than 6000 attendees, 400 expert speakers and sector leaders as well as 200 suppliers to the health and care industry.

Additional information at www.cardiosecur.com

CardioSecur’s objective is to design cutting edge technology that empowers medical professionals and organisations to deliver unrivalled ECG services in

use cases where mobility and communication counts. Our comprehensive product portfolio equips physicians, health data analysis networks and remote

monitoring infrastructure as well as medical emergency services in the aviation and shipping industry. The CardioSecur system is clinically proven to be the

easiest to use 12+ lead ECG system in the world. Enhancing process efficacy, providing access to ECG analysis in remote healthcare blind spots and

improving patient pathways are the factors by which we measure our success.

CardioSecur is a brand by Personal MedSystems GmbH which was founded in 2008.

All CardioSecur products are Designed and Made in Germany

Press contact:

Eduard Lerperger 

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