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Wifi Spark Stand: M32
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SPARK® Connect SPARK® Connect SPARK® Connect

To deploy SPARK®, you will need a broadband connection, gateway/server and associated access points to broadcast the signal to devices. The SPARK® Platform can overlay onto existing infrastructure and connectivity, or we can install from new. 

SPARK® can be deployed securely on existing WiFi networks as an overlay adding value to your existing investment or deployed on new dedicated wireless networks. 

With a SPARK® solution, you can provide much more value to your guests than just internet access. The true gem of SPARK® is the User Experience (UX). This is the login page(s) and the journey that the user will take when signing in to your WiFi. 

The pre-authentication page is the welcoming screen that users are greeted with when connecting to your network. This is where users register for your WiFi and it is your opportunity to showcase your brand and include banner advertisements to generate interest. 

If you have opted for a data capture method you can use this data to align with your marketing campaigns as data can be posted in real-time to your CRM system. 

As part of the SPARK® Connect solution, our analytics platform provides your with valuable information about your users, their demographics and how they interact in your venue. 

SPARK® Connect creates a strong infrastructure from which to build a truly transformative digital engagement strategy. 


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