Urgent & Emergency Care

EConsult Hall: N11 - N16 Stand: L55

eTriage is a digital triage solution for NHS Emergency Departments and Urgent Treatment Centres, developed by emergency clinicians. It is a proven tool to improve waiting room safety and efficiency. eTriage was designed to automatically check-in and prioritise (triage) patients upon arrival to an Emergency Department. eTriage speeds up the streaming process, identifying sick patients earlier, reducing the waiting time and time to treatment within the department and delivers improved patient journeys. It also flags patients that are appropriate for redirection to more appropriate services. Using eTriage, history take and check-in is carried out by patients on arrival, thanks to a bank of tablets with the clinically developed eTriage software. This means the patient only gives their history once, and they are automatically prioritised by clinical need, helping doctors identify their sickest patients quickly. eTriage is currently live in 9 Urgent & Emergency Departments including St Richard’s Hospital and Chichester Hospital Emergency Departments, and Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup Urgent Treatment Centre.


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Dates and venue

26-27 APRIL 2023 + ExCeL LONDON