Embedding patient safety into digital health innovation

19 May 2022
Patient Safety & Infection Prevention Theatre
Digital innovators are driven by a passion to solve problems that they see in health and care. Very often these solutions are designed first with the clinician or organisation in mind, rather than the patient. Where digital solutions are to be used by the patient, they may be involved in user testing, but rarely before that. There is a huge opportunity to engage patients in the design and build of digital solutions, creating offerings that are truly fit for purpose, have higher retention rates and actually help people manage their own health and wellness. In this session, digital innovators will hear about why patient safety should be at the heart of any patient-facing solution, and some of the ways that this can be designed into the solution design and development lifecycle.
Clive Flashman, Chief Digital Officer - Patient Safety Learning

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Dates and venue

18-19 MAY 2022 + ExCeL LONDON