Panel Discussion: key lessons for ICSs from system leaders

18 May 2022
Integrated Care Theatre
ICSs are complex adaptive systems and will evolve. The quality of relationships across and within systems will be a key element of how successful systems are in addressing healthcare needs and health inequalities. The ability of individuals and organisations to work differently and marshal resources for collective endeavours will also be a key determinant of success. There will also be multiple agendas, demands and perspectives to bring together to achieve cohesive actions that improve health and wellbeing for populations. This session provides some personal reflections of lessons learned so far and what we will need to do more / less of.
Amanda Sullivan, Chief Executive Designate - Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS
Fiona Edwards, Chief Executive Designate - Frimley CCG and Frimley ICS

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Dates and venue

26-27 APRIL 2023 + ExCeL LONDON