Remote Monitoring in Care Homes

18 May 2022
Care Quality & Efficiency Theatre
North Central London (NCL) have embedded Whzan blue box in 125 care homes across 5 London boroughs. Whzan is a remote monitoring kit which enables care home residents to have their observations taken by staff, after which a NEWS2 score is calculated and the information automatically entered onto a tablet and portal via Bluetooth. This data can then be accessed via clinicians across the local healthcare system. A particular focus of the work has been utilising a team of nurse educators to upskill care home staff, along with an in depth analysis of how the introduction of remote monitoring has impacted primary care. UCLPartners will present the results of their insights work into the barriers and enablers to effective use of Whzan in care homes and primary care including how it can be used to support the EHCH Framework.
Sarah Armstrong, GP and Clinical Lead for Deterioration - UCLPartners
Dr Shani Gray, GP and North Central London Remote Monitoring Lead - North Central London Integrated Care System

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Dates and venue

18-19 MAY 2022 + ExCeL LONDON