Retention versus Recruitment: establishing a culture of caring for staff as well as clients boosts staff retention

18 May 2022
Home Care Theatre

Amrit Dhaliwal, CEO of Walfinch will discuss the topic of Retention versus Recruitment and will consider how providers must establish a culture of caring for staff first, in order to deliver a consistent and assured service to clients.

His presentation will cover:

·       The social care industry has a reputation for its high staff turnover rates

·       The secret is to unlock an employee retention strategy that reduces the need, and financial cost, for ongoing recruitment

·       Employee retention starts with the initial recruiting process – applying the right techniques to screen applicants, through to the onboarding process

·       The benefits of staff retention include consistency of service delivery, increased productivity, sustained service quality, better employee morale, higher levels of staff satisfaction and an increase in ROI

·       Key steps providers should consider creating a solid staff retention strategy, in order to support an organisations’ growth

·       Amrit Dhaliwal: “When I entered the homecare industry, I could quickly see that the way carers are treated, valued and paid, results in typically high levels of turnover, creating uncertainty for clients who instead want steadiness of an assured service from carers they know and trust. Essentially, the product that many providers are providing is largely broken as a result of this ‘churn’. If carers are happy, fulfilled and feel supported, this will result in a far better service extending to clients.”

Dominique Kent, CEO, Senior Living – Pacific Investment - Chair, Homecare Association
Amrit Dhaliwal, CEO - Walfinch

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Dates and venue

26-27 APRIL 2023 + ExCeL LONDON