The Eden model of care; innovative, effective & viable

19 May 2022
People and Business Theatre
The Eden model of care; innovative, effective & viable

‘Eden’ helps improve market appeal, business viability and what people want
Eden Alternative provides a brilliant model of care than makes a huge difference to the team, the residents and their family members.
It overcomes the disconnect between what people believe about social care and what a Home can actually deliver in terms of residents’ quality of life, staff fulfilment and family reassurance.
Whilst national health strategy is about physical health, the Eden Alternative is designed to satisfy emotional, aspirational and holistic wellbeing.
It helps build a truly positive culture; underpinned by close partnership working between residents, the team and family members.
It empower members of the care team to think innovatively about their practice, enhance their fulfilment, and strengthen their retention in a role they can feel is worth doing well.
Together, this supports occupancy, viability and business sustainability itself.
It is worth spending 10 minutes to see the Eden Alternative in practice https://youtu.be/qK3vTbckZMw

Geoffrey Cox, CEO - Eden Alternative UK CIC

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Dates and venue

18-19 MAY 2022 + ExCeL LONDON