The Caring View: Whose responsibility is it to fix social care?

19 May 2022
Home Care Theatre

The Caring View is the only online social care chat show. Airing weekly every Tuesday, the show is a platform for everybody in Health and Social Care to share their stories, achievements, and to be part of raising the public profile of the sectors. We’re delighted to bring our show to the Health plus Care show for our first ever live, in person episode! Our hosts, Adam Purnell and Mark Topps will be joined be some of their previous guests Sonia Rai, Jane Brightman and Damien Ellis to discuss “whose responsibility is it to fix social care?”. As our live audience, we will want to hear from you, your opinions and your questions, so come and join us and be part of the conversation. 

Adam Purnell, Host of the Caring View - Director of Social Care IHSCM
Mark Topps, Host of the Caring View - Business Manager Essex Cares
Damien Ellis, Head of Service for Children's In House Services - KCC - Director of Fi-Nix Group Ltd
Sonia Rai, Founder and Director - Nectar HR
Jane Brightman, Assistant Director of Programmes - System Reform, NHS

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Dates and venue

18-19 MAY 2022 + ExCeL LONDON