Ann Minnema

Ann Minnema

CFO, Vacis
The Vacis Graft is the latest innovation in Regenerative Medicine: a product (medical device) that instructs the body to re-grow vascular tissue (or other soft tissue!). The resulting vascular graft is body own, so no rejections, and is created at the location where it is needed in the body. This all within four weeks. For some vascular intervention there is just no solution, e.g., hemodialysis access where every day 1-2 people pass away for lack of a working solution. Vascular surgeons understand the urgency; 25 of 26 hospitals which have been approached immediately applied for the product. The product and further future platform applications is very innovative and a clear unmet need in a growing market. There is strong interest from the vascular field (blood vessels) and emerging interest from urology (urether), neurology (nerve guide) and breast cancer-reconstruction (body own ‘filler’ tissue).

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Dates and venue

18-19 MAY 2022 + ExCeL LONDON