Katinka de Korte

Katinka de Korte

General Manager, DEARhealth
DEARhealth: AI powered care pathway solution. Delivering improved patient satisfaction, increased providers’ care capacity, fewer escalations, fewer hospitalisations. Navigating patients to lowest possible Level of Care. How it works: With DEARhealth Patient App connecting patients to their care providers 24/7. Based on the real time data upload via the patient app the DEARhealth Recommender delivering decision support to care providers. Care providers review the Recommendations. Once accepted the personalised care pathway dynamically adjusts. Patients have insights in their personal Health Assessment Score and the personal and most optimal care pathway. DEARhealth monitors and measures health outcomes 24/7. Delivering continuous improving chronic care. Forever. DEARhealth is software as a medical device and CE MDR class II-a certified.

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Dates and venue

18-19 MAY 2022 + ExCeL LONDON