Kevin van Geest

Kevin van Geest

Director of Sales, Psylaris
Psylaris develops virtual solutions for the Mental Healthcare market which allows therapists to treat patients more efficient and effective. This is done with the help of Virtual Reality applications that allow a patient to continue the treatment at home independently of a therapist. When using these interventions, fewer face-to-face sessions with a therapist are needed and the overall cost of therapy will decrease while keeping the quality at the same level. In the Netherlands, a reduction of 30% in the amount of traditional therapy sessions has been reported when the patient was also using Psylaris applications. The application will always be deployed by a therapist, it is not a consumer product. Currently available are EMDR, Exposure, Relaxation and Medical Hypnosis with more interventions being developed.

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18-19 MAY 2022 + ExCeL LONDON