DNA Nudge

DNA Nudge

''I am the Director of Gwyddfor Residential Ltd. We are registered to look after residents with specialist dementia care needs, mental health and physical disabilities.  We also provide domiciliary care support to people in their own homes.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic our staff and residents were having to use daily LFD testing and weekly PCR tests carried out by both Lighthouse  and Public Health Wales laboratories.   Both routes have been unreliable with slow turnaround times, waiting sometimes  up to 8 days for results.  This has led to unnecessary isolation on numerous occasions for both residents and staff.

Slow turnaround times have impacted on staffing levels and pressure put on our staff having to cover for their colleagues who had Covid or Positive LFD test

Throughout the pandemic, the Lighthouse labs have returned false positive results on numerous occasions, identified as false by confirmatory testing through the Public Health Wales laboratories.

I have been using DNA Nudge RT -PCR POCT device for a short time but in this time I have received excellent communication and service from the DNA Nudge Team.

Our staff were trained over 2 days by the dedicated DNA Nudge trainer who was able to install, connect and train swabbing techniques to processing and reporting the tests to the Welsh Government. It is an easy to use testing platform that can give me a result in 90 minutes rather than having to wait days as I had done.

During this training  a member of staff who had tested negative on a LFD was tested on the Nudge and was reported as Positive which enabled me to send the staff member home to protect others from infection.

We recently had a staff member test positive via the Lighthouse labs which we were able to confirm as a false positive using a DNA Nudge test.

We are also able to quickly meet the Welsh Government requirements for close contacts to have a PCR test further reducing valuable staff downtime.

The staff daily LFD screening tests have been unreliable, with a number of false positives having been identified by using DNA Nudge PCR testing.

The new antivirals currently being rolled out need to be administered within three days for maximum efficacy. Quick reliable PCR testing is critical in order for GP's to prescribe them where required.  We have recently enrolled one of our residents onto the Oxford Panoramic trail.  We were able to confirm Covid within 90 minutes of symptom manifestation.

A further advantage of DNA Nudge is the ability to test saliva samples. A number of our dementia residents decline nose or throat swabs but are happy to produce saliva into collection funnel and bottle.

I would add that the benefits of having a DNA Nudge box in-house enables me to be more in control of the testing required and have the confidence that if I have any issues the DNA Nudge team are on hand with their service.''


Deb Watson | Hospital Engagement and Sales Manager | Email: deborah.watson@dnanudge.com  | Website: www.dnanudge.com  | Address: Level 11, The Translation and Innovation Hub, Imperial College White City Campus, London, W12 0BZ, UK

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